Production equipment

High technological level and sophistication of the goods produced, growing requirements for products’ quality and environmental friendliness of production process inevitably involve growing requirements for improvement of production technologies and introduction of new, progressive equipment at the enterprise.

PrJSC “VAP” systematically replaces outdated and less efficient equipment with modern technologies and program control. Only during the recent years, the company acquired five-coordinate processing centers “SPINNER”, “MAZAK”, turning lathes with numerical program control “MASTURN”, “Weiler”, grinding machines “Walter”, “Studer”, electrical-discharge machines “Sodik”, highly efficient BTM complexes “Stamma”, special plants for metal processing for industrial use etc. In 2012, galvanic manufactory was put into operation with newest energy saving and environmentally friendly equipment.

Technologic preparation for productions carried out involving the system of automated projecting of technological processes and CAD systems of 3D modeling.